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The EOR VIP Package

by Dr. Eric Zielinski
A $49 value!

With 165,000 people in attendance, the 2015 Essential Oils Revolution made history by being the largest online event focused on empowering the world to use essential oils effectively and wisely. The EOR VIP Package features the greatest hits from this ground-breaking event by giving you access to the interviews and transcripts from the Top 10 interviews. You also as receive several eBooks written Dr. Eric Zielinski, centered on the evidence based use of oils.

The Best in Detoxification and Healing Protocols eCourse

by Jonathan Landsman
A $127 value!

Jonathan Landsman of presents exclusive interviews with the top integrative experts on scientifically-proven ways to detoxify the body. Discover what you need to know to protect your health!

The Beauty Bluff: Toxins in Personal Care Products eCourse

by Dr. Anne Marie Fine
A $97 value!

The Beauty Bluff exposes cosmetic and personal care product companies’ secrets: how chemicals are linked to cancer, autoimmune disease, reproductive and developmental abnormalities, and hormone disruption–and what to do about it.

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from Dr. David Jockers

$20 coupon to the store and $50 coupon on the Autoimmune Elimination Program.

Preconception Detox Bundle

by Jessica Drummond, MPT, CCN, CHC
A $67 value!

The Beauty Bluff exposes cosmetic and personal care product companies’ secrets: how chemicals are linked to cancer, autoimmune disease, reproductive and developmental abnormalities, and hormone disruption–and what to do about it.

Food As Medicine eGuide and Recipes eBook

from Leo Galland, MD, & Jonathan Galland, JD
A $49.99 value!

Learn about the healing powers of turmeric, how to boost your metabolism with strawberries, how to decrease inflammation with herbs like parsley and cilantro—and many more secrets, accompanied by easy-to-follow recipes. This never-before-published 32-page eBook can be yours today!

High Performance Cheat Sheet

by Dr. Isaac H. Jones
A $47 value!

Dr. Jones is one of the world’s foremost experts in high performance health solutions. He’s interviewed hundreds of the world’s top doctors and health experts on how we can maximize our energy, focus, productivity and performance. This cheat sheet gives you simple-to-use checklists to help you quickly access a high performing body and life.

True Cellular Detox Diet eBook & Video Training

from Dr. Daniel Pompa
A $40 value!

The True Cellular Detox™ 90-day menu plan is designed to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle and support your body. This diet plan includes a wide variety of produce, proteins, healthy fats and some sweet treats to encourage detoxification, weight loss and cellular healing… and it tastes delicious, too!

Nourishing Thyroid Detox Recipes

by Shannon Garrett, BS, RN, CNN
A $35 value!

These recipes are delicious, anti-inflammatory and easy-to-prepare for the whole family. 100% free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn and wheat!

How to Overcome the Toxic Effects of Chemotherapy

by Dr. Charles Majors
A $30 value!

Dr. Majors, who overcame Stage 4 Cancer without chemotherapy or radiation, maps out the protocol designed by him and his doctor, Dr. Raymond Hilu, which guides cancer patients on how they can maximize the benefits of chemotherapy while minimizing the toxic side-effects. Scientific references and specific steps are included.

The Abundant Energy Starter Pack

by Niki Gratrix
A $30 value!

Detailed guidance on how to complete a home and work chemical, energetic (EMF) and relationship clean up.

Real Detox eBook

by Dr. B.J. Hardick
A $20 value!

In Dr. B.J. Hardick’s 92-page eBook, he outlines the testing and detoxification protocols he personally used and still recommends for people battling mercury, lead and other heavy metal toxicity, with or without amalgam fillings.

The 7 Steps to Healing Emotional Trauma and Building Resilience eBook

by Niki Gratrix
A $20 value!

Get your Adverse Childhood Event (ACE) Score. Understand the prevalence and impact of ACEs on health across a lifetime.

Toxic Metals Sources and Symptoms eGuide

by Wendy Myers
A $20 value!

This guide provides you with details about heavy metals along with how to detox them!

In the Lymelight eBook

by Erin Elizabeth
A $20 value!

Erin Elizabeth shares the detox journey she took to beat Lyme disease in this comprehensive eBook. Learn the nutrition and detox plan that helped Erin get her life back.

Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives Video

by Jeffrey Smith
A $20 value!

Jeffrey M. Smith, author of the world’s bestselling book on GMOs, Seeds of Deception, is a leading consumer advocate promoting healthier non-GMO choices. Genetic Roulette won the 2012 Movie of the Year by the Solari Report and the Top Transformational Film of 2012 by AwareGuide! (This purchase bonus is ONLY available for 21 days!)

Cosmetic Cover-Up: Exposing the Dirty Secrets of the Cosmetics Industry eBook

by Narelle Chenery
A $20 value!

Narelle Chenery, the Director of Research and Development at Miessence, itemizes the individual chemicals you must watch out for in selecting personal care products.

99 Rules for Reading Food and Product Labels eBook

by Mike Adams
A $20 value!

Mike Adams, the author of Food Forensics and founder of, outlines how you can avoid disease-causing toxins in foods, supplements, personal care products and medicines.

The Dark Side of Wheat

by Sayer Ji
A $19.95 value!

A critically acclaimed internet classic, The Dark Side of Wheat includes two hard-hitting essays that represent a change in the way wheat intolerance is comprehended; no longer a rare, strictly genetically-based disease, wheat is revealed to be a species-specific intolerance, whose role in health and disease has been greatly misunderstood since ancient times. The eBook also includes a 90-page quick reference guide containing hyperlinks to research on the National Library of Medicine on over 120 diseases that have been linked to wheat consumption.

Essential Oils for Autoimmunity

by Jodi Cohen
A $19.95 value!

Jodi Cohen suffered from an autoimmune disorder, so she integrated essential oils into her protocol to help relieve her symptoms. She shares her best oils for stress, sleep, detoxification, immune system support, brain health and much more!

Sarica Cernohous’ Yogurt eBook

A $14.95 value!

How to make nutritious, gut-supporting yogurt at home! Yogurt is a tremendous food to use in keeping your belly rich in good bacteria–but so much of the store-bought options are full of things you don’t want in your digestive system. Learn how simple it is to make your own yogurt–as well as a few easy and nutritious recipes on making it taste GREAT!

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Hedron Life Source EMF Special 20% Discount and EMF Report

Use the coupon code for 20% off any products. In the free report, learn the truth about electromagnetic radiation and how to protect yourself and your family.

Leptin Blueprint Bonus Video

by Mike Mutzel

Stay fresh and up to speed with this fascinating and new way to support mood and metabolism. Learn how to balance leptin…a strong driver of inflammation throughout the body and brain.

The Science Behind CBD Video

from Elixinol

There are many misconceptions on cannabidiol and the research that is coming out today is clearing a lot of that up. Discover what CBD is and how this could be a great tool for your health.